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Women who want to look good and feel great may opt for breast augmentation because it flatters their femininity. A breast enlargement procedure is a great way to transform the way you look and express yourself in a new way. Some transgender individuals may feel that it is a great fit for their sex-change operation as well. You can speak with a licensed plastic surgeon at Take Shape to find out if a boob job is right for you.  

Reasons Plastic Surgery for Breasts is Popular

Breast augmentation looks great in many ways. Some mothers may want one after breastfeeding for many years so that their breasts are firm. It enhances self-esteem and is a great way to beautify yourself. Plastic surgery removes sag and flabbiness. Surgeons can even out each breast so they are the same size. This is also another way to improve your physical prowess if you have undergone a tragic injury, such as a fire or a car accident. Sometimes injuries such as this require a more drastic procedure. You lose breast tissue when you have a mastectomy for medical reasons and can reverse this with surgery. There are different types of breast enhancement surgery in addition to the many reasons, 


Different Types of Breast Surgery


Breast Augmentation 

This type of enlargement in the breast is called augmentation mammoplasty. Surgeons place breast implants under your breast tissue inside your chest cavity. For males, they place the implants under chest muscles. This is typically done with either saline or silicone implants. Both are deemed very safe. 90% of women can keep their implants indefinitely. 

Breast Lift

Also called a mastopexy, there are two ways for a breast lift to be performed on you.  A breast lift can be done with an implant or without one. You may decide that you only want fat cells injected into your breasts, which can be done by transferring fat from other parts of your body to your breasts. Otherwise, you can opt for a breast lift with a breast augmentation.

Breast Implant Removal

A skilled surgeon can remove the implants from you if you decide you no longer want enlarged breasts or had a complication. Breast implants can be exchanged or removed every 10 to 15 years for your highest safety and convenience. They typically last up to 20 years. This is because scar tissue after the surgery can harden around the implants. If you suffered an injury in an accident, the implants can also be removed for emergencies.

Breast Tissue Reduction 

When you suffer from too much back pain due to very large breasts, you can also get a breast reduction. Surgeons can also perform liposuction on you to alleviate the discomfort of lower back pain. You may choose this if you find it easier to fit into clothes for your waist size but you were born with breasts weight 15 to 25 pounds or higher. 

Is It Dangerous?

It is a very safe procedure. Breastfeeding mothers can continue to nurture their babies even with breast implants. The rare and potential risks that can occur are pain, tenderness, and excessive scar tissue. There may be implant leaks, infection, and asymmetry. If you have cosmetic dissatisfaction you can consult with your surgeon on how to remedy this situation. It is safer for you to not smoke for a period of time before attending the surgery. You will also need someone to drive you home after the surgery for safety reasons. 


Who Can Get One?

Anyone 18 and older is eligible for a breast augmentation procedure. You have to have healthy expectations and stable weight gain in order to be considered. 


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If you want to learn more about safe implants in breast tissue, you can speak with our highly dedicated representatives who can provide a free consultation. We at Take Shape can create a great surgery strategy for you. 

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