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Breast reduction results

Women with large breasts often consider a breast reduction in Fort Lauderdale for many reasons. The extra weight that comes with large breasts can strain their backs, necks, and even legs. Fortunately, there are options out there for individuals who want to take their breast size down. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we realize that having large breasts can be complicated and we provide solutions to assist with these challenges. Not only are they occasionally painful, but they can leave rashes, be difficult during workouts, and it’s harder to find clothing. Some people also feel that their large breast sizes are unproportionate to the rest of their bodies, and some people simply would like to have their breast size reduced. These are just a few reasons why one might consider having the procedure, but whatever your reason for considering a breast reduction, here’s what you should know.

Feeling Better with a Breast Reduction in Fort Lauderdale 

It’s no surprise that those who undergo this procedure generally emerge with a sense of self-confidence in ways they haven’t experienced. However, it’s also important to note that though this procedure has a high satisfaction rating, it’s not a procedure to take lightly. There is downtime required, and it’s not always comfortable. Professionals tell their patients to take a few days away from work or activities so that they can properly rest. It may take about two weeks for patients to feel completely back to normal. 


Two Cup Size Reductions 

Some individuals coming in hoping that they’ll be able to go down multiple cup sizes, however, with a breast reduction, there are limited expectations to what’s possible. Generally, professionals recommend going down two cup sizes. Anything below that may not be best for the aesthetic outcomes one has in their mind. It’s always a good idea to trust the experts when it comes to what’s possible, as following their years of knowledge and expertise can get patients where they ultimately want to go. 


Breast Reductions and Lifts Go Hand-in-Hand 

When you have a breast reduction, you’re also going to be getting a breast lift. The reason being is that large breasts tend to be heavier, and due to gravity, they tend to sit lower on the chest. When you reduce your cup sizes, your breasts are lifted in order to have the visual appeal and proportions that will look most natural. So you won’t have to worry about your breast reduction needing a second procedure or something similar.


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If you’re ready for your breast reduction in Fort Lauderdale, look no further. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves in helping our clients feeling satisfied and complete after their desired procedures. We know that having any type of surgery can be scary, but we also know that with a 95% satisfaction rating for breast reduction procedures, you’ll be thankful that you had it. Start to feel better, look better, and experience more confidence. Your body will feel lighter, and you’ll also feel more agile. In addition to breast augmentations, we also offer body procedures, breast augmentations, facial procedures, and so much more. From chemical peels, to liposuction, to breast reductions, we have what you need to look and feel your best. With Dr. Sassani on your side, anything is possible! Contact a member from our team today at 954-324-2329.

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