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More often than not, most of us assume that the benefits of plastic surgery are purely aesthetic, this is false. While there are many aesthetic benefits to cosmetic surgery, there are also many other reasons why South Florida residents elect to have it done.

It is easy to believe that plastic surgery is solely the result of vanity. The fact is that many people choose to have the procedure for varied reasons. Plastic surgery has many health benefits that can often outweigh lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise.

Dr. Russell Sassani is a board-certified plastic surgeon. His expertise covers every procedure available for plastic surgery. He will discuss with you the goals you have and available options. We cater our services to patients from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach and from Lauderdale by the Sea to Plantation Acres and beyond.

It can make it easier to keep the weight off.

Patients who are looking to contour their bodies with liposuction and a tummy tuck may find it easier to lose weight after the procedure. Patients may be motivated to eat healthily and follow a regular exercise program after the procedure. A healthy weight can lead to a better body and a lower risk of some diseases.


Many reasons people choose plastic surgery today are numerous. You may discover that your surgery has many benefits you didn’t know existed. Some of the most common procedures we do are:


It will improve your confidence and self-image.

Cosmetic surgery has the most obvious benefit: it boosts confidence and self-esteem. After liposuction or fat transfer, a woman can feel confident and relieved from stubborn fat around her midsection.


Although there are numerous examples, the positive effects are undeniable. These changes will improve the patient’s outer appearance, but they can also rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem.

It can improve your posture and eliminate back pain.

Many people find that plastic surgery can improve their posture simply from the benefit of weight loss. For example, women who have had damage to the abdominal wall because of multiple pregnancies can benefit from a tummy tuck. This will allow the patient to be more mobile and better able to perform daily tasks. It can even improve lower back pain.


A breast reduction like a tummy tuck can improve posture and reduce neck and back pain. In fact, enough women gain immediate relief from pain after the surgery that health insurance may pay for the surgery.


A full body lift can help rebalance the physique in a way that improves posture and allows more ease in pursuing physical activity, thus leading to improved physical fitness and muscle tone. These can be tailored to each patient based on their specific needs. They can include the same surgeries as those mentioned above, such as a tummy tuck and breast reduction, but also procedures like arm and thigh lifts.

Reconstructive surgery can change lives for those in need.

We are taught as children that we are all unique and it is okay to be different. Being different, especially for those with physical disabilities, like a cleft lip and palate, can lead to bullying and ridicule.


Cosmetic surgery can be a great option to improve the physical appearance of patients for reconstructive purposes. According to the CDC, cleft lip occurs in 1 in every 1,600 babies born in the United States.


Another large group that has experienced the benefits of plastic surgery is cancer patients. For women with breast cancer, a mastectomy is required. This involves the removal of the breast.

Breast augmentation may be an option for female cancer survivors. It can also be combined with cosmetic procedures to restore the body’s pre-cancer appearance. Breast augmentation and cosmetic procedures for cancer patients can produce natural-looking results.

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