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Liposuction is a surgical procedure that gets rid of unwanted fat from various parts of your body. A small incision is made, where fat is removed from the body, reshaping it to the form you desire. 

Though it seems pretty straightforward, this procedure is often met with fear and expectations that cannot be met.

We all have a little fat here or there that we would rather do without. Fortunately, Take Shape offers liposuction as an option to address this problem. Dr. Sassani would like to help you make an informed decision based on liposuction facts, not myths. 

Below we will discuss both to give you a better perspective on this very common procedure.


Dr. Russell Sassani is a board-certified plastic surgeon. His expertise covers every procedure available for plastic surgery. He will discuss with you the goals you have and available options. We cater our services for patients from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach and from Lauderdale by the Sea to Plantation Acres and beyond.

Myth # 1: Liposuction was designed to help you lose weight.

This myth is the most common misconception in plastic surgery. The truth of the matter is; it is not for you if you are trying to lose weight. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this surgery is best suited for people who are within 30 percent of the range of their desired weight. 


Liposuction was designed to remove extra fat that diet and exercise cannot get rid of. You should wait to choose this procedure after losing weight, not before. Change your exercise and diet plan as well as consult your physician if you cannot reach your ideal weight.

Myth #2: Recovery after surgery is painful.

The truth is that you might experience some mild discomfort after treatment. However, Dr. Sassani utilizes the most advanced procedures that will not cause you pain. 


With some simple procedures, many patients can immediately return to work. If more than one location is addressed, you will be able to do crunchies in just a few days.

Myth #3: Liposuction results are instant.

Liposuction does immediately remove fat, but the results will not be noticed right away. Your body has to heal itself before bouncing back to your swimsuit shape. It often takes a few weeks or months for you to be able to appreciate the true results in the mirror.


Be patient and don’t assume your surgery was a failure. You can always consult with Dr. Sassani if you have any concerns about your recovery time.

Myth #4: My skin will hang loose after liposuction.

Your skin is filled with elastic properties, allowing it to conform to your slimmer contours after the body has healed. The exception is if you lose a large amount of fat. This is not possible from the amount of fat that can be removed from liposuction alone. 


Combining weight loss from diet and exercise prior to your procedure and liposuction can result in sagging skin. This varies from patient to patient, and we can only estimate how your skin will react to the procedure. Many of your concerns will be addressed during your initial consultation so you’ll know what’s best ahead of time.

Myth #5: Liposuction is dangerous.

While any medical surgery carries risks, modern-day liposuction is very safe. Dr. Sassani is definitely someone you can trust to provide you with the safest methods and practices for your treatment.

Myth #6: Men don’t get liposuction.

Liposuction has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in recent years. While some people think that only women are candidates for the surgery, it’s long been one of the more popular procedures with men.


The areas that are commonly treated are usually different for men and women. While women most often want to remove fat from their thighs and hips, men commonly focus on the stomach area, such as the love handles, and even the area under the chin.

Myth #7: After liposuction, the fat will just go to other areas of my body.

Your body does not create new fat cells to compensate for the ones that have been removed. You will however have more fat cells in untreated areas than the parts of your body that were treated.


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