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Almost everyone has one if they position their head in a certain position. However, if you are interested in getting rid of your double chin in Fort Lauderdale, Take Shape Plastic Surgery P.A. can provide you with a few options of getting rid of the stubborn fat or loose skin around your neck. Depending on your situation, some options will be better for you than others.

  • CoolSculpting is an option that freezes the fat and offers a reduction in fat in the designated areas. This procedure doesn’t need any needles or surgery, but is best for those who still have some skin elasticity around their chin area.
  • A neck lift is an option that includes a little liposuction to remove fat and trimming of access skin around the jaw and neck. This is a procedure that is for those who have a lot of loos skin and are older than 55.
  • Liposuction is a procedure that includes the removal of fat with a small vacuum. This is a treatment for those who is younger than 55 and wants to reduce fat in their body that isn’t responding to their diet. There is little downtime for this procedure and can be done quickly.
  •  Skin tightening creams work like shrink wrap for your skin. While these treatments don’t offer huge changes, they are great for keeping your skin tight for years to come. This is best for those who aren’t interested in an invasive or expensive procedure.

There are many ways to get rid of a double chin in Fort Lauderdale. However, these are the most effective ways we offer to our clients. While each option is different, they are efficient in removing the unwanted skin or fat in a chin. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at (954) 585-3800 for a free consultation.

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