Fat Transfer Procedure

One of the most popular procedures offered by the skilled doctors at Take Shape Plastic Surgery is a fat transfer. Known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, the procedure involves the removal of fat from unwanted areas such as the abdomen and back and placing it in the buttocks for a rounder and larger shape. Not only can a fat transfer improve the overall look and shape of your backside, but it also improves the overall curviness of a woman’s body. These days, women are all about curves and the professionals at Take Shape Plastic Surgery can perform a fat transfer procedure which will leave you with a new found sense of confidence.

Some can be concerned with the risks associated with surgical procedures but the experienced professionals at Take Shape Plastic Surgery can help offer peace of mind throughout the process.

butt lift

Curves are in these days, but only in the right places. For those looking to improve the shape of their body, a fat transfer in Fort Lauderdale can be a great option. Consulting with a plastic surgeon at Take Shape Plastic Surgery can give you a better idea of what the process entails and how it can help you boost your confidence and self-esteem. When you live in Fort Lauderdale and could be in a swimsuit at a moment’s notice, having confidence in your appearance can make for a better experience not just at the pool, but everywhere you go as well. The ability to wear what you want, when you want without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious is just one of the many advantages of a fat transfer in Fort Lauderdale. Anyone who is unhappy with their appearance or would like to improve their curves are encouraged to schedule a consultation to determine if a fat transfer is the right procedure for you.

Body Contouring Procedures

The Brazilian Butt Lift, is a natural augmentation of the buttocks by liposculpting an around the back, abdomen, or flank area and then taking that fat from the procedure, purifying it and then injecting it into the buttocks. Brazil is known for its curves and the beauty of its people.

  • The Brazillian Butt Lift enhances the shape and size of the buttocks via fat transfer
    A plastic surgeon uses your own fat cells to inject your buttocks with multiple layers throughout
  • Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting

Before you undergo a fat transfer in Fort Lauderdale, it helps to consult with the surgeons at Take Shape Plastic Surgery. A consultation with a fat transfer surgeon can answer any questions you have about the procedure and give you a better idea about what to expect throughout the process. Feel free to ask questions and learn as much from the experienced surgeons as possible. The more you know about the procedure, the better prepared you can be before and after. The surgeons at Take Shape Plastic Surgery can help you decide if a fat transfer in Fort Lauderdale is right for you, so call (954) 585-3800 and schedule your consultation today!

The average payment for these surgeries may vary, it can range from $3,000 to $18,000. Please contact our Surgical Director to inquire about these fees 954-585-3800.

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