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Every few years a new kind of cosmetic procedure becomes trendy and everyone rushes to get it only for it to become a fad. When it comes to laser hair removal, this is not the case. Laser hair removal has maintained its status throughout the years as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It usually starts with someone coming in to treat a small area such as the underarms, then after a few sessions, they love the results and decide to come in for other areas of the body.  The results truly speak for themselves, and the best part is, the results are permanent hair loss that lasts for years to come. With this procedure, you can kiss the painful days of waxing, shaving, and tweezing hair goodbye. No longer will you have to book appointments for waxing and run to the store for a new razor. The benefits to the procedure do not stop at hair removal though; there are various reasons why so many people swear by laser at Take Shape Plastic Surgery Center. Interested in changing the way you remove hair? Check out some of the awesome benefits below to learn more about how laser hair removal can change your life.


  1.   Saves Money and Time

Laser hair removal costs a larger amount of money upfront; however, in the long run, you will notice how much money you save on waxing appointments, razors, and shaving cream. Just like anything worth having, it’s an initial investment, but on the bright side, you will begin to notice hair loss after the first few sessions and can already reduce your use of waxing and razors. Not only does laser hair removal save money, but it also saves a large chunk of time. This might be more applicable to women rather than men but regardless, shaving and waxing are extremely time-consuming. When you get the laser procedure done on your body it may take as long as shaving the area would; however, you only have to laser the area around 7 times as opposed to having to shave or wax 7 times a month or even a week.


  1.   No Ingrown Hairs or Razor Bumps

Ingrown hairs are the absolute worst. They can be painful, hard to get rid of, and can look unsightly. When you go through laser hair removal you will never have to deal with ingrown hairs as frequently as you would have when using shaving or waxing. This is also a great procedure for those who suffer from sensitive skin. We all know the pain of shaving only to find that the entire area is covered in razor bumps. Razor bumps can be itchy and at times even painful, add on the fact that they make shaving seem like it was a waste of time. With laser hair removal you do not have to worry about any kind of bumps or rashes in the long-term, you may have a slight sunburn effect after a session but it is very temporary.

  1.   You Don’t Need to Grow Hair

This benefit is a big one for those who get their body waxed every couple of weeks. The first thing they tell you when you go to book a waxing appointment is that your hair needs to be a certain length. This can be frustrating especially if you have plans coming up and want smooth legs or arms but the hair isn’t long enough yet to be treated. With laser hair removal you are told to shave between 12 and 24 hours before your appointment, allowing you to be nice and smooth even while waiting to be treated.

At Take Shape Plastic Surgery we offer an extensive amount of cosmetic services including laser hair removal. If you think getting the laser procedure could benefit you then you should give us a call and get your consultation appointment booked. At this appointment you can learn more about what to expect and whether or not this procedure is right for you. Our specialists are experts in all things laser guaranteeing that you will be in good hands. Contact us today at (954) 324-2329 to start your journey to a hair-free life.

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